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Helping Leaders Find Their Way

 Since 2002.

Lead Self - Lead Others - Lead Business

The Blair David Company works with corporate leaders and teams to accelerate results in a rapidly changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. We help our clients turn theory into action. We catalyze leaders’ potential into results.

"Professional, client-centric, capable and thoroughly reliable.”

President, Global Construction Services Company

Problems We Solve

- For Individual Leaders

  • Transitioning from “super-doers” to leaders
  • Navigating global assignments and teams
  • Creating time for strategy and deep thought
  • Combating “It’s lonely at the top.”
  • Owning your career development

- For Groups

  • Developing into a high-functioning team
  • Integrating new members into a team’s mission
  • Creating Strategic Plans collaboratively
  • Coaching teams to serve stakeholders today and in the future
  • Unlocking stuck teams and thinking

We Believe…

  • Everyone has leadership potential.
  • Organizations need leaders, who bring their potential to life, regardless of their role or title.
  • Most leaders learn how to lead by people they know.
  • Solid leaders create, align and deliver strategic vision with healthy, engaged teams and consistent results.
  • In this crazy, fast-pace, ever-changing world, leaders need to slow down to speed up and continue their personal learning journey.
  • The skills, techniques and perspectives that brought past success will not ensure future success.
  • Society benefits when organizations are healthy, responsible, and viable.

About the Founder – Natalie J. Sayer


For over 30 years, Natalie has been coaching leaders and facilitating teams with a client-centric approach to their challenges. Her clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to medium sized privately held organizations. She draws on vast career experience to support and challenge her corporate clients with perspective, questions, and space to enable them to chart a path forward for their own growth and challenges.
Natalie spent the first part of her career in Fortune 130 automotive companies leading in Engineering and Operations organizations. In 2002, she founded I-Emerge Coaching, Inc. which has evolved into The Blair David Company, an Arizona based leadership consultancy. Natalie has worked in 16 different countries in English and Spanish. Her overall work spans global leadership coaching, strategic planning, executive presence and presentation skills, team integration, process improvement, leadership transitions, and organizational development.
She has a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Michigan. She is the lead author of Lean For Dummies (Wiley 2012, 2007) Natalie is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and holds an ACC coaching credential from the International Coaching Federation.


Who Is Blair David?

People often ask this question. “Blair David” is not a single person. It is the amalgamation of the spirit of “everyday leadership” demonstrated by two role models of Natalie J Sayer.
Barbara Blair was the head librarian of Winters Library in Bellbrook, OH, and Natalie’s first boss. Every day to patrons of the library, young and old, she led in an impactful way, modeling customer connection, listening, humor, resilience, and trust.
David J Cleary was Natalie Sayer’s maternal grandfather. Born in 1900, he overcame adversity throughout his life with perseverance, life-long learning, humor, resilience, and optimism.
The Blair David Company stands for Everyday Leadership. Our organizations need capable people to lead at all levels. We help individuals (and teams) to evolve and refine how they lead – in every moment of every day.

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