Lead Self

Leadership starts with you.  We work with leaders to advance, improve and grow on their leadership journey. Whether you are leading a project, a team, or a large organization, we can help you navigate through obstacles and deliver better results.

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Lead Others

When you have to align a group of people, we are there for you.  We excel in creating and delivering processes that enable your team to move quickly, together.

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Lead Business

Results are indicators of where improvement is needed.  We help our clients improve results by improving the processes that create them. However, change isn't sustainable without addressing the leadership of people.  We approach business holistically and understand that all business is ultimately driven by people.  We work across industries and apply various improvement methodologies.  Our client's specific situation will determine the best solution.

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Better results through better leaders

The Blair David Company exists to help individuals, teams, and organizations lead more effectively.  Everyone in an organization is responsible for leading something.  We believe leadership happens in every interaction, every moment of every day. The culmination of moments creates results.  Results are leadership outcomes. Imagine what’s possible if everyone were leading intentionally, instead of reacting in the moment?

Is everyone destined to lead a Fortune 500 company?  No.  That would be like saying every finger-painting three-year-old will be Michelangelo.  Can everyone improve their capacity to lead and change their outcomes?  If they are willing, yes.  We are here for those who desire better results.

If your results are lacking, “something” is amiss in the leadership process.  Since each client’s situation is unique, we do not use canned solutions.  We do use our Pointillism Leadership Model as a guide on the quest to enhance your results.  We apply the model on three levels – individual, group and organizational.  We co-create the best path forward with you.

Natalie J Sayer, the founder of The Blair David Company, brings holistic perspective considering people, process and culture to her clients.   She is known for offering unique perspective, holistic thinking and interactive, actionable solutions.  We have a network of trusted colleagues around the global to tackle larger client needs.

Who is Blair David?  The short answer “Two amazing, every day leaders.”  For more see our story.

Positive change to the world through people
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