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Engaging Everyday Leaders to Deliver Outstanding Results

Offering Client-Centric Leadership Development Services

We tailor our core leadership development offerings to specific client needs. Whether an individual leader is growing into a new role or a team is forming to deliver strategic imperatives, we will create a development process that catalyzes leadership potential into actionable results.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching process is co-created with our clients. Additionally, since we believe that leadership is a process, we incorporate our Pointillism Leadership model into each engagement. Depending on what the scope of the engagement is, we will use assessments, conduct 360 evaluations, establish desired outcomes and utilize appropriate tools and techniques to further the clients’ agenda.

Our clients appreciate the depth of questions, perspective, and the time to evaluate their leadership trajectory and effectiveness. They also appreciate that our lead coaches have corporate experience.

Clients engage us for:

  • High-potential leaders with new responsibilities
  • Coaching as an adjunct to Leadership Development Program
  • On-going leadership development and career management
  • Increasing effectiveness and influencing across the organization
  • High-potential leadership career development.


  • Increased speed delivering results
  • Leadership strategy implemented
  • Plans to manage growth and succession executed
  • Increased visibility and project delivery across the organization
  • Leaders promoted

Global Leadership Coaching

Global Leadership Coaching is Executive Coaching with a Global Perspective. People leading with expanded responsibilities and in new regions face challenges they may not have anticipated. As a result, their learning curve and ability to be effective are compromised. We incorporate a global perspective in the coaching process. In addition to the regular challenges leaders face when they are in new roles, we also explore cultural nuances that could minimize their ability to deliver results.

Our clients appreciate that our coaches have expatriate experience and have worked in corporations in a variety of countries/regions.


Clients engage us for:

  • Repatriation to corporate headquarters of upper-level leaders
  • Leader effectiveness while expanding responsibility to additional countries/regions
  • Leader effectiveness while working in non-native culture


  • Transition to HQ navigating corporate politics and expanded role.
  • Expanded leadership approach to incorporate cultural and style differences. Successful approach led to increased results and ultimately promotion for the leader.
  • Increased awareness of style and communication issues. Leader developed new communication strategies.

Customized Facilitation

If you need to align and engage a group of people to a specific activity, decision or goal, The Blair David Company can design a customized, interactive process for you. Our clients have engaged us in different ways: varied durations, different group sizes, unique outcomes.

Sample Engagements

  • Customized Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Global practice integration session
  • 2-Day Team Integration and Marketing Analysis Event
  • Annual Team Improvement Session including skills development, process improvement and team integration activities.
  • Market-shift strategy session
  • Integration of a post-Merger & Acquisition sub-team into an existing business.
  • Employee focus groups
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Executive team integration to jumpstart critical business imperative

Our Process

Plan (Before the event):

  1. Understand the desired outcomes with the client.
  2. Define the boundaries – what the client will or will not address.
  3. Interview participants for clarity, context and concerns.
  4. Propose a solution to fit the client’s logistics, timing, and support.
  5. Confirm the process and finalize agreements with the client.

Do (During the event):

  1. Ensure the event stays on time and on topic.
  2. Manage the process to ensure the deliverables are on track.
  3. Manage the energy and engagement of all participants and adjust as needed.

Study (During the event):

  1. Check-in with the client to ensure the process is meeting their expectations.
  2. Verify deliverables have not changed based on the event.
  3. Query the participants for “what is going well” and “what needs to change”

Act/Adjust (During the event-Post event):

  1. Adjust the process based on feedback from the client and participants.
  2. Deliver desired outcomes
  3. Determine next steps

Speech Development and Performance Coaching

When we work with speech clients, we see this as an extension to their leadership presence. It isn’t only their words or the story they are telling. They matter, and there is much more. We take a holistic approach starting with the outcome the person wants to create. We help them get the flow and emotional arcing of the presentation, even when it is a data driven presentation. We co-create a practice routine and coach them as they rehearse. We also help them create a “stage presence” and approaches that will enable them to succeed with their audience. When you only have one chance to sell your idea or make an impression, don’t leave it to chance!

Clients engage us for:

  • Leaders preparing for events, which included interactivity.
  • Leaders preparing for key promotional interviews.
  • Leaders preparing for an executive committee presentation with a contentious message.

What Our Clients Say


Natalie and I have worked together for a few years specifically with my leadership development and career path. While working with Natalie, I have been able to chart my career course by helping me be specific around what I can offer to my company and what I want in my career. I have greatly improved my confidence in working with the executive team, presenting to larger groups, and having difficult conversations (with senior leaders, peers, and direct reports). I utilize Natalie’s skills in several ways as a coach in our current relationship. She has helped me manage reorganizations and communication of those. She helps me manage new assignments by collaborating with me on what questions to ask and what to look for. I know I can count on Natalie to be available at any time for my coaching needs.

-- Senior Director, S&P 500 Company

Working with Natalie has been a game changer for me. She listened carefully to me and helped me see more clearly the challenges and opportunities I faced in my transition from private practice to the in-house practice of law and managing a team. With Natalie’s help and advice, I found tools and approaches that enabled me to leverage my strengths to meet these challenges – and capitalize on these opportunities – more effectively and to become a better manager and leader. Choosing to work with Natalie is the best decision I made in support of my professional development!

-- Deputy General Counsel at an S&P 500 Company

Besides being an excellent coach, Natalie is a clear communicator with strong follow up skills. She makes it look easy!

-- Partner, Talent Management Firm

Natalie is a knowledgeable and compassionate individual that has a gift for guiding you back to the greatness within yourself. She continues to be an integral part in the development process and growth of my business. Priceless.

-- Coaching Client

Natalie is one of the strongest coaches I've ever worked with. I've personally benefitted from her effective and productive style and approach. She listens like few others, asks questions that prompt "just the right" insight you're needing, and assists in the necessary accountability moving forward. Equally important, you leave your coaching sessions with Natalie feeling confident, inspired and ready to move forward. I highly recommend Natalie to anyone who's serious about wanting a coach who can help them go to new levels of achievement!

-- CEO, Global Training Company

Natalie is a dynamic and engaging coach and speaker, who supports others with her knowledge, energy and good humor. I hired Natalie to coach me on speaking and found her to be the best speaking coach I ever had because she spent time to understand me and help me to play to my strengths.

-- Founder Global Coaching Consultancy

When the need arrived to hire a speaking coach I immediately thought of Natalie. Her energy and passion for life and business is contagious. She helped me craft a presentation that was true to my passion, professional and organized. Natalie’s process was easy to follow, organized and effective. She provided endless creative ideas and asked poignant questions that stirred my own creative process as well.

-- Speech Coaching Client

Natalie brings a depth of knowledge and experience that not only helped me to craft the presentation but equipped me to deliver with excellence. I feel enlightened about the power of speaking and the nuances and subtleties that make a difference on the stage. I walked away from our work together with a well-crafted, professional deliverable that I can continue to hone and deliver again and again. It was truly a delight to work with Natalie from beginning to end.

-- Speech Coaching Client

Natalie was my coach throughout a constrictive competition that demanded an overhaul of my slide deck, narrative and delivery in order to connect with my audience during a pressure-filled, public presentation. She pushed me to new limits by motivating me to work through self-doubt, supplying thoroughly insightful feedback, and ultimately helping me establish the leadership presence I desired. My presentation went better than I could have expected, and I have Natalie to thank for pushing me to get there.

-- CEO, Tech Company

Coaching with Natalie was a great experience! She helped me create a more compelling narrative and delivery approach that built audience connection and reflected my authentic leadership presence. Her strategies, teaching, and actionable feedback will provide lasting value.

-- CEO, Tech Company

So much valuable information was shared with us during our customized training session with Natalie. Coaching has become more effective now that we have the tools to better support our remote, multicultural partners. After taking the Core Values Index (CVI) assessment, it was eye opening to see how very different we all are and how we each bring so much value to the team. Instead of pointing out each other’s opportunities, we’ve been able to utilize each other’s strengths and focus on the positive. The introduction of the Plan Do Check Act format has been instrumental in managing initiatives and keeping us on track, this by far has been most helpful in bridging gaps and closing the loop. We look forward to future value-added coaching sessions.

– Quality Team at Choice Hotels International

Natalie is an excellent strategist! She always provides insight into situations that illuminate new paths and unlock barriers to progress. Her mastery at facilitating organizations and groups through change has been invaluable.

-- Senior Manager, Fortune 25 Company

Natalie took the time to understand where we are on our Lean journey and helped to craft a powerful session tailored to our specific questions. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and professional, Natalie is also encouraging, flexible, and fun to work with.

-- Manager, ID State Agency

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