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PDCA – A Path to Improvement

Even in tumultuous times, you can find improvements. Many people are finding themselves with time they do not normally have because of mass working-at-home efforts. Maybe this is exactly the time to look at how you and your team work together during “normal” times and improve ways of work?

In this #MondayMoment video, we look at the Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle as a path forward to improvement. This is sometimes called the Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle. This cycle can also help you through business pivots as you may find your organization making products or providing services not normally provided. Following it quickly and with small, incremental changes, can drive “Lean Start-up Thinking” or failing-forward fast. PDCA is one of many tools found in the Lean toolbox.

Remember Lean thinking applied enables you to increase effectiveness and value in product and service delivery.

Please share these #MondayMoments with other #everydayleaders as we are on a mission to equip everyday leaders with ideas, concepts and actions.

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